Lancaster New City Map

Here’s the Lancaster New City Map (Master Plan) creating a secure residential community with commercial area and business district to serve the shopping needs and work of its residents like the BPOs which are just few minutes from home.

Lancaster New City Cavite master plan map is for families to live, learn, work, play and pray.

Lancaster New City Map is compose of 4 Zones with complete amenities like school, clubhouses, basketball court, swimming pool, playground and commercial facilties in each zones.

Villages located in each zones.

Location – Barangay Navarro, Gen. Trias, Cavite

1. (KS) Kensington Villages – Alice, Catherine & Diana model
2. (SS) Somerset Villages – Sophie and Margaret model
3. (MS) Manchester Villages – Gabrielle and Alexandra model.

Location – Barangay Pasong Camachile 1, Gen. Trias, Cavite

1. (WE) Westwood Village – Anica and Thea
2. (BR) Brighton Villages – Adelle and Denise model
3. (GL) Glenbrook Villages – Chessa and Briana.

Location – Barangay Pasong Kawayan 1, Gen. Trias, Cavite

1. (GR) Grendale Village – Chessa and Briana.

Location – Barangay Tapia, Gen. Trias, Cavite

1. (WO) Woodcress Village – Emma, Alice, Anica and Thea

The Five (5) Main Developments in Lancaster New City Cavite

  • Residential component – is comprised of the different villages and homes.
  • Business component – is where Business Park and offices starting with Suntech iPark are build. BPO companies are already operating and hiring call center agents.
  • Retail component – are the likes of Lancaster Square 1 and soon to open this Dec., Lancaster Square 2.
  • Educational component – There will be 14 St. Edward School (SES) inside Lancaster New City Cavite. Three (3) are already opened with another one coming up next year.
  • Amenities component – Existing now are the Leighton Hall Clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, playground and The Church of the Holy Family. There will be community centers in cluster villages.

Zones, Villages, and House Models in Lancaster New City Cavite

Zone 1 is located in Barangay F. Manalo, General Trias, Cavite. Offers Ready for Occupancy houses.

  • Lancaster Villages 1 & 2 – Haven and Coleen Single
  • Kensington Place – Alice, Catherine and Diana Townhouses
  • Somerset Village – Sophie and Margaret Single
  • Manchester Village – Single attached houses like Alexandra and Gabrielle

Zone 2 is located in Barangay Pasong Camachile 1 & 2, General Trias, Cavite. Offers Pre-Selling and Ready for Occupancy houses.

    • Westwood Village – Anica and Thea Townhouses
    • Brighton Village – Candice Single, Adelle and Mabelle Townhouses
    • Glenbrook Village – Chessa and Briana Single

ZONE 3 is located in Barang Pasong Kawayan 1, Gen. Trias, Cavite 1.
Greendale Village (GR) – Chessa and Briana.

ZONE 4 is located in Barangay Tapia, Gen. Trias, Cavite 1.
Woodcress Village (WO) – Emma, Alice, Anica and Thea

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The Future of Lancaster New City Cavite Few Years from Now

Lancaster New City Cavite is seen to develop into a full-pledged “new town”, a development with complete set of services that places high value on family life, a sense of community and a desire to enrich the lives of all its residents. The planning of the rest of the project is currently in development. Once completed, we can all look forward to a New City similar in scope to that housing towns in Singapore and the park cities of Malaysia.